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BRIDAL COLLECTION - Pre-Selected Messages Options

Each one of our boxes come with a free ribbon from our pre-selected choices. If you would like to change, add something, or write a completely new message, the option to write your own message is available as an upgrade. Personalized ribbons can read anything you'd like (up to 250 characteristic, including spaces). 


1.  I can do this without something old, something new, something borrowed, or even something blue. But the one thing that I can’t do without is you!

2. You've been by my side through thick and thin and I could not imagine having someone else in your place on my wedding day. So, will you please say yes?

3. Through thick and thin you have always showed you care, so on my special day will you stand by my side because I know I will need you there!

4. I treasure your friendship more than diamonds or gold, so please stand by my side when I say "I DO" for I wouldn't be me without a friend like you.

5. I don't know when or where, but I know that l need you there. Will you please say yes?

6. When the time came to choose, there was never a second thought about who it would be. It was always you!

Flower Girl

1. The bridal party is chosen, but the wedding is still incomplete without a beautiful girl like you who is so cute and sweet. Will you be our flower girl?

2. Roses are red, Violets are blue. We need a flower girl...and we would love it to be you! will you please say yes?

3. I cannot think of another little lady quite like you. Special and true. Please walk with me while I say "I Do". Will you be our flower girl?

Jr. Bridesmaid

You're such a sweet young lady, you're as lovely as can be. Please accept my heartfelt thanks If you agree, for as my junior bridesmaid you will have a special part to play because you'll help me celebrate my joyful wedding day.

Mother Of The Bride

a. Remember your own wedding day, the joy you felt inside, when you were so excited to be the blushing bride? Relive it through your daughter, she’ll make you beam with pride because now it’s her turn to walk down the isle.

b. She’ always been your daughter, but now she’ll be a bride, and there is no describing the joy you feel inside as she’s walking down the aisle. 

c. Today I’m walking down the aisle, but i’ll always be just a phone call away. I’m still your little girl who loves you on my wedding day.

d. Mom, I want you to remember as I say “I Do”. I will never outgrow my love for you!

Mother of the Groom

e. Mom, today a groom, tomorrow a husband, always your son. I love you!

f. Thank you for raising the man of my dreams. You are his loving mother, and I will be his lucky wife.

g. I want to thank you for the loving things you have done. You raised in love a little boy, and then gave me a man. 

h. Mom, I want you to remember as I say “I Do”. I will never outgrow my love for you!