Unshakably Unique

Let's Make Something...!*

How It All Began?

THE STORY OF A once very confused crafty girl

Well, I never really taught I could be a maker for a living. Actually, I didn't know what I wanted to do at all! I changed my major so often that before I realized it, I had 160 units of the most random combination of college classes imaginable. I am even a beauty school drop out - are you humming that grease tune too? So catchy. 

Anyways...crafts have always been my therapeutic escape. I honestly still look forward to birthdays and holidays to have an excuse to make something. In fact that is how the idea of the first box came to be. I needed a gift for my sister, and I wanted it to be unique and personal. So I put my thinking hat on and ta-dah! The first cut-out box I ever made was created.  A beautiful 7 oz, turquoise beauty that, little did I know at the time, would allow me to make my passion a business.

When I gave the box to my sister all my family keep saying I should sell them. Honestly, I thought they were just being nice, but still...I snapped a few pics, wrote a description and posted it on Etsy. Just like that Unshakably Unique was born on April 4th, 2013. 

Four days later, an order of 10 boxes came in and I had no idea of how I was going to fulfill it. I didn't have the supplies, let a lone a system; I didn't know how I would pacakge them; I had never even set foot inside a post office before! (the wonders of email and online bill payments, huh?). Needless to say, it went horribly. My pacakge ended up in ITALY! Why? It was supposed to go NY!! I was panicking, but lucky Mansi (my first customer ever) was the nicest most understanding person ever! 

More orders came in and as we rolled with the punches, we learned a lot. It took all the random knowledge acquired through school and life, a LOT of trial and error, TONS of coffee, the help of the gorgeous green-eye lady to the right, the support of so many amazing people in our lives, and a wonderful platform like Etsy... and in less than a year, our lovely customers allowed it to bloom into a baby business.

When we started our cut-out boxes  were the only product that we made, but since then we were able to purchase our very own laser machine (YAY for us, super proud for that!) , and now we also make cake toppers, engraved items, invitations, and many other unique and personalized gifts. 

We have come a long way since then, and we are so excited to see what the future holds for us.

So, come on, 

                   Let's make something Unshakably Unique. 

                                                                           Dearly, Jo...!* 



ELIZA - Maker, Drawer Master, Spell Checker,  & Checklist Creator

M.D in training, committed to making a difference. Quick study, is an understatement. Fond of lists and schematics. Tea aficionado, book lover, and blood donor. Fascinated by people and modern medicine, with an always present love for creativity.


Jo...!* - Owner, Maker, Designer & FOREVER DREAMER

Self-taught artist & designer with an addiction for crafts and anything adorably odd! Forever believer in her own mini-emporium of happiness, Unshakably Unique. Lives in beautiful sunny California and is Inspired by life, people, originality and happy moments.